Creating illustrationswas never as easy

No more struggle with proportions, body posture or hand gestures. We make it easy for you to create breathtaking illustrations.

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Here's a taste of what you can do

With Posturize, illustrations are made easy.

Pose your characters

Adjust character features such as size, hand gestures, body angle and more.

Alternatively, choose one of our pre-defined presets.

Craft your scene

Add multiple characters and objects to create a scene in no time.

The outline for your illustration is read.

Export and unleash your creativity

Export your project and start illustrating using your favorite application.

Other features

Getting curious? Explore all our features below.

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Multiple projects
Create multiple canvases. All your projects will be saved.
Available anywhere
Use our web app on an iPad, Android Tablet, Laptop or Desktop.
Never lose your progress
Your projects are stored on the cloud and are accessible anytime, anywhere.
iPad compatibility
Posturize is fully compatible with your iPad, providing first-class touch and stylus support.


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Everything you'll get, and more

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Features including:

  • Up to 3 projects
  • Up to 10 objects per project
  • Access to our assets library
  • Choice of 17+ hand gestures
  • Choice of 16+ human presets
  • Cloud saving

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